Rendy Raga Prianda

Pandemic Broke People

Broken! Is the one of the many words to describe this pandemic situation. This visual, designer tried to shows the audience the feeling of humanity when this pandemic was confirmed. With broken glass visualization to represent that people experience broken feeling like couldn’t see their family member, friends, close friends, and best friends because of lockdown. Some people even lost a friend or two. In the visual, audience can see a few people. Designer tried to tell that this happened not just in a small state, but in the whole world. A few people in visual had many common races and all genders. It represents that all people around the world are involve. No matter who they are, most of them felt broken. Event though the visual already looks chaotic, the designer had an idea to made the type glitches and made it more chaotic to represent the chaos that happened in this pandemic situation.


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