Gabby Flowien

“Eyes Can’t Tell”

Eyes can’t tell tells a story of how I lost my normal eyesight during a pandemic when everything far away become kinda blurry. Since this pandemic started, my family doesn’t allow us to go out except if it is something important, I stayed at home most of the time because of the restricted protocol and the red zones in my hometown. I spend most of my time on my phone and laptop, either because of online classes, projects, or assignments and searching for entertainment online. That’s why I used fragmentation as my type image integration, and this piece’s color theme is gloomy and messy which perfectly describes my feelings where everything is out of place but still organized to stay sane. Eyes can’t tell in this context also means that people who got infected most of the time rarely show any particular symptoms, which make this very dangerous, especially after this pandemic happened my family became paranoid, hence the type “Cover your mouth, Keep your distance, and Wash your hands”. The type “Let’s find a new way”, is my attempt of trying to find other alternatives when I’m bored at home.


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