Aisyah Raihan Fadhila


Covid-19 has slowly stripped society away from its senses. Not only for those infected, but the ones secluded away in solitariness are also fighting for their lives unattended. Keeping ourselves busy is one way to cope with being isolated from the outside world, yet it has left us out of touch with ourselves, unaware of whom we are turning into. This work illustrates those so immersed in their work, unconsciously losing themselves in the process. The sentence “Who Am I?” is repeated to signify an echo of a haunting phrase, emphasized with the texture of a broken mirror that represents the effort of trying to break free from a cycle of an unrelenting struggle of a routine. The ghost of an old self is pictured staring back through a screen, portrayed with cracks as if abandoned. Yet hints of hues can be seen, representing how colorful life used to be and the last bits of hope in reclaiming and reconnecting with one’s innermost self.


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